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Become a Latte Art Champion with NanoFoamer Milk Foamer, now available on Kickstarter

NanoFoamer + Jug

SINGAPORE – With more than 600 customers in less than 24 hours, the NanoFoamer Milk Foamer has become an instant hit. Designed by product development and design firm, Subminimal, NanoFoamer is the best gadget and gift for home baristas and coffee lovers everywhere.

The new milk foamer has been tested by Australian Latte Art champion Shinsaku Fukayama who is also endorsing the FlowTip milk jug with an exclusive Black Katana edition featuring his signature logo.

“There’s nothing worse than junk foam in your beautiful espresso drink,” says Dominic Symons, CEO and founder of Subminimal.

“I designed the NanoFoamer specifically for the ability to create velvety smooth microfoam to make latte art easier and more fun. We have been overwhelmed with the response and are excited to deliver NanoFoamer as early as December.”

The NanoFoamer makes velvet-textured barista-quality microfoamed milk by spinning bubbles through NanoScreens at 10,000 RPM, breaking the bubbles down into a microscopic mist called microfoam.

Microfoamed milk has a velvet texture and ads perceived sweetness to your coffee drinks.

Also tested on three types of milk alternatives; Soy, Oat, and Coconut, it performs well on all three.

The texture was always superfine and smooth, only the amount of microfoam you can make is sometimes less than if you use regular milk (note: each brand yields slightly different results).


Limited amounts of early bird pricing is currently still available during the pre-order of the NanoFoamer from anywhere in the world for under $40 USD here: NanoFoamer Kickstarter and get the free Latte art masterclass to impress anyone that comes through your kitchen.