Friday 12 August 2022

Bazzara partners with ShoTS International Film Festival, 1-9th July

Before every short, the commercial by the company will be shown: “For those who can choose”, realised to promote Dodicigrancru, the luxury blend.

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TRIESTE, Italy – Bazzara is an official partner of the 23rd edition of the ShorTS International Film Festival, organised by Maremetraggio and reference point for the short films production at an international level. It will take place in Trieste from 1st to 9th July 2022. The festival – back in the city but also with contents designed for the online world – will be a one-week event dedicated to the new promises of the Italian and international film world, through the showing of the best short films from all over the world and a selection of feature films which are Italian masterpieces.

Bazzara will be at the ShorTS International Film Festival

Before every short, the commercial by Bazzara will be shown: “For those who can choose”, realised to promote Dodicigrancru, the luxury blend, perfect for all the lovers of gourmet products who want to taste also at home or in the office an extraordinary coffee, able to ensure a perfect balance among 12 of the most refined Arabica varieties worldwide.

The commercial, filmed in a cinematographic style by the director Matteo Prodan. With the collaboration of the Art Director Adriano Rosso and the Project Manager Mariaisabella Musulin, is interpreted by the actor Marco Palazzoni.

Through this partnership, the Coffee Roasting Company from Trieste celebrates and strengthens its bond with the city “Capital of Coffee” and it launches the new relation with the cinema, something that had already been revealed thanks to the many video productions realised by the company to spread the high quality coffee culture.

The Snow Queen

On this occasion, Bazzara created the short The Snow Queen which will not participate in the competition but will be shown before every Short EFA (European Film Awards) in the evening in which the Audience Award will be assigned with the naming by Bazzara. The short film interpreted by Sara Renar and Dimitrije Simovi was written by Beatrice Achille with the direction of Matteo Prodan and the assistant Lorenzo Fattor.

It lets us dive in a thrilling love story set in Trieste in which the female protagonist is overwhelmed by the sense of life and freedom that only some feelings can give us, with the hope and the awareness of not falling ever again in the oblivion of what has not been lived and felt.
A life, a love without any fear: falling, losing and then finding each other again to live always together what this life wants to offer us.

The inspiration comes from the directing dialectic of Terrence Malick: wide shootings and a poetical use of the framings. On the background, the sea, a hotel room that brings us back to the Hapsburg atmosphere of the XIX century and the breathtaking architectural frame of Trieste. Pieces of unforgettable and unique sensations for two lovers.

The philosophy

The complicity and the love between the two protagonists draw the archetype of the lovers. A narration accompanied by the voice-over of a woman: intense, poetical, and deep, underlining the importance of the moment, of the memory and the fugacity of time.

Named by National Geographic to represent the renown Trieste of coffee and listed in 2021 by Forbes as one of the 100 Italian excellences, Bazzara is a family run company that produces high quality coffee blends.

The wide range of products offered by Bazzara is the expression of a creed of the company: the heritage of the artisanal Italian tradition, ensuring over time a product that is always fresh, coming only from the best batches of the best coffee areas worldwide and characterised by a slow roasting, balanced and adapted to every origin.

Furthermore, Bazzara is engaging in a conversion of its production process to be more and more ethical and sustainable, including energy saving policies, the enhancement of human resources and the promotion of a new line of organic and certified products.

To spread the high coffee culture, the brothers Bazzara have decided to be not only roasters but also writers, printing five books completely dedicated to coffee, and trainers, inaugurating in 2015 the Bazzara Academy, an institution boasting several international quality certifications and issuing the diplomas for the best training programs worldwide.

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