Tuesday 21 March 2023

Bazzara Espresso expands its offerings with the new 250g packaging size for its coffees

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TRIESTE, Italy – Few months have already passed since Bazzara Espresso, Italian roastery based in Trieste, has expanded its offer with the 250 g formats: all the blends and single origin coffees produced by the company are now available in this format, both through their national e-commerce channel and the foreign B2B channels.

The choice to expand the range of products has proved to be successful in Italy as well as abroad; moreover, all of the 250 g formats can be ground for 3 different preparations, which always guarantees the purchase of the perfect blend for the extraction style of choice.

May you prefer to use beans, ground coffee for moka, filter preparations or french press, it makes no difference: you will always have the chance to enjoy Bazzara’s freshly roasted blends and single origin coffees.

“Our clients abroad have confirmed that this variety of formats has been a great choice,” states Andrea Bazzara, Sales Export Manager of the company, “their customers have responded positively to the variety of options offered.

Nowadays it’s not so common to find such a complete offer of formats, blends and grinding grades on the market. It’s crucial for us that all of our clients, may they be experts or coffee lovers, can find the answer to all of the desires of their taste buds in the offer of our products.”

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