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Bazzara Academy restarts in July its training season with a schedule full of appointments

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TRIESTE, Italy – The Bazzara Academy, first institution in Italy certified as SCA Premier Training Campus for all the modules of the Coffee Skills Program, restarts in July the training season with a schedule full of appointments. The awarded Academy continues to fascinate several professionals and coffee lovers with the modules of the Specialty Coffee Association, but the very protagonist of the season is the Q-Grader course: the highest certification in the coffee industry, therefore the most difficult to be obtained.

Becoming a Q-Grader taster means, indeed, being among the major experts in coffee selection and taste worldwide.

The Bazzara Academy, also in 2021, wants to give this opportunity to the professionals of the sector, dedicating to the course, with a limited number of participants, the week between 20th and 26th of September, with a very high skilled trainer, Alin Giriada, the only Q-Instructor certified at a European level and who trained thousands of coffee professionals and international champions of cup tasting and barista championship.

Alin is also an advisor for the American Agency for International development, and he also boasts a master’s degree in Education and Training Management.

I think the Bazzara staff should be deeply thanked for the hours worked, the dedication, the hospitality, the courtesy, the availability and, last but not least, for the smile they always show.
Andrea Guerra – Roaster

“I can only tell you that you are exemplary. Having the opportunity to enter your offices was for me a great experience: not only from a aesthetic point of view (light and space playing masters) but also for the wonderful people who work there. You were always helpful and professional; punctual, nice and smiling … what should one need more?
Bianca Maschio – Q- Grader

The Q-Grader will be followed by the calibration course, both promoted by CQI and hold by the international trainer.

Moreover, the same training centre proposes again the well-functioning model “Camp”: the basic courses together in a single solution to obtain all the degrees foundation of the SCA, giving to the participants the possibility of visiting Trieste in all its charm as Italian Coffee Capital.

The participants to the foundation courses, together with those of the Intermediate, deal with the entire coffee chain, ensuring the necessary knowledge to the professional of the sector to improve not only from a working point of view but also from a cultural one. The Academy also gives the possibility to tailor the courses, allowing the participants to choose what is best, living a completely customised experience in this fascinating world.

The Bazzara Academy boasts 250 square meters of space in the heart of Trieste, the capital of coffee: the building has a tasting laboratory, a didactic room, a roasting room, a brewing room, coffee machines and professional state-of-the-art equipment.

Moreover, the participants can also attend the SCA course with the Bazzara trainer, Marco Bazzara, family heir, who works in the company dealing with blending, roasting and the sensorial universe. Marco is, indeed, the Director of the Academy and he boasts a great sensorial background: besides dedicating himself to Research and Development.

He also is the Quality Control Manager, after concluding several courses which gave him the certification as Sensory Expert, taster, sommelier, sensorial judge, and creator of training schemes also in other sectors (wine, chocolate, etc.). To give an example: the sensorial path “Coffee Sommellerie” which wants to establish the rules and the methods to be followed to sensorial define coffee in the entire production chain.

All the courses will be held respecting the guidelines for the safety and the health protocols.

Dates are available on the website:

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