Friday 31 March 2023

Barnie’s Coffee & Tea introduces Micro-Roast Coffee at The Fresh Market

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ORLANDO, Fla., U.S. — In the age of big box stores, Orlando-based Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Co. is bucking the trend and thinking small, and its coffee is making a global impact because of it.

The premier coffee purveyor’s Crop•Ex, Extraordinary Crop, beans one-up the rest of the micro-roast scene by offering a completely new twist — single-sourced beans roasted in limited batches that are now available nationwide exclusively at The Fresh Market.

Only up to 10 bags of beans are roasted at once, with each unique batch featuring a flavor unlike any other micro-roast you’ll come across. While mass-produced coffee is often a blend of beans from a variety of locations, The Fresh Market shoppers can taste the difference and trace each bag of Crop•Ex coffee beans to family farms in places such as the mountains and valleys of Ethiopia, Indonesia and Costa Rica.

Each bag is hand signed and dated to document its freshness.

And customers can feel good about sipping their exceptional brews. That’s because a portion of each purchase supports the nonprofit Coffee Kids International, which helps to educate future coffee growers and provide families growing Crop•Ex and other Barnie’s brand coffee beans with the resources needed to sustain their farms and families.

“The funds contributed to Coffee Kids give our farming families what they need to nurture the traditions of their cultivation processes in order to continue to provide the world with great coffee. This “bean to cup” process strengthens traditions and ultimately keeps these families together,” said Dustin Fleming, Manager of Coffee Programming, Barnie’s Coffee & Tea.

The Crop•Ex, Extraordinary Crop, collection can be viewed at:

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