Tuesday 09 August 2022

Baristas to advertise single serve White Coffee cups during Sean Hannity

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SEATTLE, WA, U.S. – Publicly traded Baristas Coffee Company, Inc. announced that it will be advertising during Sean Hannity programs on both Fox TV and on radio programs.

Baristas White Coffee cups which has been featured on CNBC during Shark Tank, Mad Money, and during numerous other programs across major networks is the nation’s top selling white coffee cups on both Amazon Prime and Overstock dominating a new twist on coffee from Seattle.

Today Baristas introduced Baristas ground White Coffee available as of this morning on www.baristas.tv and soon to be released to its expanding retail and on-line distribution network.

Baristas White Coffee contains more than twice the amount of caffeine than traditional coffee yet is less acidic, allowing more people to enjoy its unique taste. Baristas White Coffee tastes nothing like traditional coffee and meets a need for a truly new and unique beverage taking its place among high end coffee previously only available to true coffee aficionados. Both the Keurig compatible and new ground White Coffee will be advertised during the Hannity broadcasts.

Barry Henthorn CEO stated: Sean Hannity has his strong followers but is not everyone’s cup of tea. Baristas White Coffee provides an alternative to those wishing to escalate beyond what they have previously associated with coffee but not everyone’s tastes embrace this evolution.

The recent movement by some well-intentioned individuals to destroy Keurig machines based on a highly respected company’s decision as to where they choose to spend their advertising dollars has no bearing on Baristas decision to advertise on TV with “Hannity” on Fox News, or the “The Sean Hannity Show”, on radio.

In addition, the introduction of Baristas ground White Coffee so that those who do not own a functioning Keurig may enjoy its benefits is in no way a departure from Keurig compatible cups or the Keurig 2.0 brewing system

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