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Baristas establishes co-op advertising platform to support retail distribution


SEATTLE, WA – Baristas Coffee Company announced that they have finalized the development and launched a co-op advertising program to further leverage the national ad funding received to promote the expansion of the Baristas product distribution.

The program which provides for national and localized advertising promoting specific retailers and product distribution arrangements will be utilized to support the four current Baristas products as well as other products that have completed development and will soon enter distribution.

Baristas has a history of success implementing this type of program pointing to the “Available at Amazon “campaigns that resulted in the largest order to date placed by Amazon and sales records talked about in previous releases.

Barry Henthorn, CEO, stated: “The co-op advertising platform is a crucial element in supporting retail distribution as retail partners look for commitments from individual brands that support traffic drives into their retail locations.

Formalizing this agreement proves to current and prospective retail partners that Baristas has the resources, commitment, and acumen to successfully drive the traffic needed to expand retail revenues from individual distribution partners. This program has already had a profound effect on our relationships with current distribution and in spurring interest from prospective retailers.”