Thursday 05 October 2023

THE BARISTA CAMP – Coffee’s long road from farm to cup

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An experience in the amazing world of the coffee, one you can dream of just by sipping and savoring a great high quality espresso. If you want, however, to transform the dream into reality then follow the example of the people from all over the world who participated in the The Barista Camp from 29 September to 1 October. This training event is organized from time to time on different continents, by Fritz Storm and Kentaro Maruyama. The latest The Barista Camp was in Colombia, in an area with a breathtaking view. The “fazenda” that hosted the event is in the center of a vast coffee plantation 1,600 meters above sea level, near Medellin.
This was an ideal place to understand and get a more complete picture of the long ‘road’ that coffee travels, from farm to cup. Growers, roasters and baristas with designers and manufacturers of coffee machines had three days of intense discussion and shared experiences, mutually providing cultural enrichment. A
Among the participants at The Barista Camp in Colombia was Lauro Fioretti, head of Nuova Simonelli’s Technical Service. He also presented the innovative VA388 Black Eagle, equipped with the most advanced technology in the field, T3 and Gravimetric. In addition to equipment there were workshops and lectures with in-depth discussions of roasting and teamwork among the various professions that deal with coffee as well as how to offer the highest quality to the final consumer.

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