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BARISTA CHAMPIONSHIPS – VA388 Black Eagle takes the field in France

To admire close up and see the hands of many experienced baristas in action just go to Lyon (France) where the hotel restaurant and catering exhibition SIRHA will be held, from 24 to 28 January 2015 for the international food industry.

To see and admire there is, obviously, the VA388 Black Eagle, the latest addition from the historic Victoria Arduino brand, already chosen as the official coffee machine for the next three editions of the World Barista Championship.

As in recent years, the important Horeca event in Lyon hosts the final of the French barista championship, from which will emerge the champion to represent the country at the 2015 WBC Final in Seattle from April 9 to 12.

The national competition organisation in France has chosen an innovative and technologically advanced Victoria Arduino coffee machine.

In addition to the excellent performance for coffee extraction, this machine is notable for its highly ergonomic features. Its style also combines modern design with the traditional elegance of a brand instrumental in the history of espresso.

In addition to the machines for the competition, the public at Lyon can see the VA388 Black Eagle close up in the Victoria Arduino exhibition space, right in front of the area reserved for the competition.

A glance is enough to see that all the commands, from digital to manual, are designed to be extremely functional and ergonomic.

Moreover, its imposing majesty, its strength and the lustre from the high quality metals it is made of, will impress anyone seeking style, performance and reliability in a professional coffee machine.