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Bali Blue Moon gives the rich in flavors taste of classic brew Balinese coffee

Bali Blue Moon

PASADENA, U.S. – Bali Blue Moon, The amazing medium roast coffee beans by NuBali could become people’s absolute favorite. Carefully selected from the best plantations all over the world, these single-origin coffee beans are the way to stimulate people’s senses.

They have impressive flavors and notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and blackberries. Of all the single origin varietals of coffee, Nubali’s Organic Bali Blue Moon is perhaps most deserving of its namesake. This exquisite bean brews the kind of nuanced, flavorful cup that only comes around once in a blue moon.

Organic Bali Blue Moon from nubali.coffee will give people a fresh, rich in flavors, taste of classic brew Balinese coffee with dark chocolaty, creamy, berry taste and amazing aroma. The coffee beans comes directly from Kintamani Highland, Bali, grown at an altitude between 3200 and 3900 feet, under shade trees, harvested in the rich volcanic soil which makes its taste subtly earthy to give them a perfect blend of all the flavors.

Bali Blue Moon has low acidity

Unlike other coffee types, this single origin whole bean coffee from Bali is made with traditional harvesting techniques. They are wet hulled, which it emphasizes body and mutes acidity, this process make the coffee rich in flavors and earthy, it’s definitely unique flavor profile is immediately recognizable in your cup and as a single-origin, it provides a unique experience for the adventurous coffee drinker. And it‘s definitely a very pleasing taste!

The highly favorable climate and rich volcanic fertile soil gives it an intense and rich flavor. It does not have the usual earthiness or oniony taste of other coffee beans most people have tasted so far but just a slight earthy flavor. It provides the best coffee to freshen people up each morning, to give them a taste they could fall in love with.