Sunday 26 June 2022

Australian roaster Di Bella Coffee attracts award-winning roaster and barista

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Leading Brazilian specialty coffee roaster and barista, Danilo de Andrade, has brought his love of coffee and skills to one of Australia’s best known coffee brands, Di Bella Coffee.

In his new role as the company’s product manager, Mr de Antrade would boost Di Bella Coffee from the outset, based on his reputation for working with the widest variety of flavours “so critical for discerning coffee drinkers” according to Di Bella CEO Darren Dench.

“Danilo de Andrade has a wealth of coffee knowledge and expertise across various coffee roasting platforms and multiple award winning barista competitions – and we are excited to welcome him to our Bowen Hills (Brisbane) headquarters,” Mr Dench said.

“Danilo is as passionate about the crop to cup process as we are, and this really defines the Di Bella coffee experience.”

Mr de Andrade developed his love of coffee in his home town of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the world’s largest producer of coffee, and then travelled the globe to develop his skills as a roaster and barista before arriving in Australia.

“Danilo has developed a strong following of devoted coffee lovers here in Australia and he will be bringing this unique skillset to our entire coffee industry supply chain,” Mr Dench said.

“Danilo’s experience and expertise is exceptional and he has finessed his knowledge and skills by working across the entire coffee process – working as a roaster, buying and sourcing green beans, working as a quality control manager, and even training others on the unique attributes and flavours that a single bean can contain.”

Mr Dench said having someone who really understood how to respect and work with the wide variety of flavours was critical for discerning coffee drinkers.

“Danilo is able to understand and leverage the flavour nuances so that blend profiles reflect differing taste profiles,” he said. “Coffee is similar to wine in this respect and the variety of tasting notes, the complexities of spices and the robustness or velvetiness of flavours need to sing together in real harmony.”

Mr Dench said Mr de Antrade would continue the journey of Di Bella Coffee by creating unique coffee blends that loyal customers can savour.

“My coffee philosophy is to retain the integrity of the bean’s origin and unlock the flavours and nuances that the growers want to amplify and that Di Bella consumers truly enjoy,” Mr de Antrade said.

Mr Dench said Di Bella Coffee was now Australia’s leading specialty coffee roaster and supports ethical and sustainable producers. He said these relationships provided access to the world’s finest coffees and were an important part of delivering the “ultimate coffee experience”. Di Bella Coffee is part of Retail Food Group.

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