Monday 29 May 2023

Aurelia, 15 years for the first completely ergonomic coffee machine

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BELFORTE DEL CHIENTI, Italy — Happy birthday Aurelia: the first machine based on precise ergonomic studies designed and produced by Nuova Simonelli is 15 years old. It was 2004 and Nuova Simonelli had set itself the dual objectives of guaranteeing greater protection for the health of baristas, as well as optimum times for extremely efficient service in high-productivity premises.

This particularly innovative machine was launched on the market. With its overall design, individual components (group grip, soft filter holder coupling, visual angle, push & pull commands and soft-touch control panel), and its ease of use, has turned out to be a barista’s best friend throughout the entire working day.

Also the name, Aurelia – like the ancient Roman road, still shown on road maps today as “S.S.1” (State road No.1) – was not accidental. Aurelia was the “number 1” fully ergonomic professional espresso machine. Based on advice from occupational psychologists and ergonomics experts, Aurelia was totally designed around a barista’s work, to avoid strains from over-exertion and excessive loads during their daily activity.

Ergonomics, however, is not all in a coffee machine. To be economic and facilitate a barista’s work, technology must also be at the service of the operator. And the Aurelia was not just ergonomic, or just technological. Both aspects have developed since then, always remaining “number one”, including for innovation in the sector.

It is not by chance that for six consecutive years, from 2009 to 2014, Aurelia in its various evolutions was the official World Barista Championship machine. Its continuous improvement has been studied for its effect on people and with people who use it every day.

Aurelia II was also the first machine to incorporate the innovative and exclusive Nuova Simonelli T3 technology. This technology revolutionised the world of espresso, bringing new benchmarks for precision, reliability and flexibility of performance. From 2004 to the latest in the Aurelia family, the ergonomic and technological aspects have seen significant improvements and continuous implementation up to the current top of the range, the Aurelia Wave, an ergonomic machine par excellence.

Aurelia Wave makes ergonomics a characteristic element. Lower than previous models, it enables visual dialogue between barista and customer. It is soft and curved, with clean cut shapes, a machine with visible supports, a particular body and a distinctive control panel that does burden the overall line and which facilitates a barista’s access to all functions.

Ergonomics and technological innovation coexist in the Aurelia Wave in several important new ways. An example is the auto-purge system with automatic shower head cleaning when the filter holder is released, without the barista pressing any button.

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