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At Host2021 the Smart Label Innovation Award redraws the hospitality of the future

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MILAN, Italy – Energy saving and use of green materials. Focus on hygiene and technological solutions under the flag of immediate usability. Customisation and flexibility. Now that the most difficult months are over, for the products and companies in the world of professional hospitality with the highest rate of innovation in 2021, and in the years to come, a mandatory stop will be at HostMilano (at fieramilano, from 22 to 26 October 2021), the global equipment hub that, even in its 42nd edition confirms itself as the ideal place for everything that combines technology, design and sustainability. Once again, the Smart Label – Host Innovation Award will reward the newest and most revolutionary solutions.

The award has reached its fifth edition and is organised in collaboration with the POLI.Design Consortium of the Milan Polytechnic School under the patronage of ADI – the Italian Industrial Design Association.

At Host2021 the stage for innovation

Almost 80 applications were submitted, with more than half of the aspiring winners originating from HOST’s key sector: that of professional equipment for restaurant kitchens and formats of the catering of the future. Twenty or so hailing from the Bar, Coffee machines, Vending, Coffee, and Tea segment and more than 10% from the Tablaware segment. After having awarded more than 70 companies and products in the previous editions, the 2021 edition of Smart Label – Host Innovation Award promises to be even more visionary (and coveted) than usual, given it is right in the middle of the entire sector relaunch for the professional hospitality sector. This is demonstrated by the “quality” of the winners, all belonging to a small elite of the most innovative companies in the sector, and by the fact that already on 16 September (from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm), more than a month before the kick-off of the event, the award organisers launched a live webinar aimed at all sector operators, as an ideal combo for the in-person event. “Sustainability and human hospitality: rethinking and innovating hospitality to offer the experience of a recovering country” will be the title of a virtual meeting, which will see the participation of both POLI.Design representatives and some award-winning companies, with the ambitious aim of outlining the guidelines of the new world of hospitality.

Ingaramo, “This year the winner is sustainability”

“This year, the winner is the one that can remodel the offer”, Matteo Ingaramo, professor at POLI.Design and scientific head of the award, said on the eve of the award. And so it was, with the competing companies battling in three separate categories: Innovation SMART Label, dedicated to products with a high content of innovation; Green SMART Label, the award for products that stand out for innovation based on the sector trends for energy savings; SMART Label, the “award” dedicated to products that can bring forth significant development in the various sectors of reference.

As judges there is a commission comprising five members, selected among teachers, professionals and international experts, with proven experience or qualification in the field of Design, hospitality and energy saving. It was up to them to assess the products/services/projects on the basis of a series of elements such as the efficiency of operation, effectiveness of services, innovation in usage methods and technologies. All this to meet the new needs of customers, both in terms of language and service delivery methods.

“I find it significant that businesses have agreed to be assessed agreeing to the challenge, even when risking to be exlcuded. It is no coincidence that the award is highly sought-after and its purpose is to encourage quality and value of what is offered at the expo,” says Ingaramo. He then added: “Smart Label, Host Innovation Award is an independent event that values initiatives that take a step forward. This year we expect sustainability that is not just technology but lifestyle sustainability. It will be key to understand if that product or service will change the overall work and energy cycle approach. Italian and foreign companies must become brave again.”

Innovation SMART Label: the most “disruptive” awards

Breaking the mould, going beyond the most consolidated trends, reducing consumption and using latest generation technologies. These are the characteristics that are the lowest common denominator of the four products awarded with the Innovation SMART Label: Heylo (Carimali S.p.A.), an espresso machine that uses a revolutionary induction system for heating water; aēralab (Iberital), the “smart” system that allows baristas to recognize the different types of milk, thus obtaining the best possible foam for their preparations; T&S WaterWatch, the solution dedicated to foodservice that allows operators to have real-time control over consumption (T&S Brass and Bronze Works Inc.); Multi.Day Hot Vacuum (Unox S.p.A.), the patented tool that allows to vacuum-pack food at the right temperature and to transport it anywhere without the risk of spilling liquids or to expose foodstuffs to outside contamination.

Green SMART Label: here are the “green” awards

Focus on the reduction of resource consumption and waste, energy savings, and high environmental compatibility. In a word: eco-sustainability. These are the reasons why six companies, selected from all the applications, deserve the Green SMART Label: Smart and Green Ice Maker (Castel Mac Srl), a programmable machine that can also be used via app and wi-fi makes it possible to reduce energy consumption by about 25%, and drinking water consumption by over 60%; Twin Star Double Face, the washing machine for professional kitchens (Dihr Ali Group srl) can reduce the space occupied by 65% thanks to the Stock-and-Wash principle; Visualis Eurocryor with Adaptive System (Epta S.p.A.), a refrigerated service cabinet designed to offer the greatest possible comfort to operators and, at the same time, perfect visibility and conservation of the products on display; DB-10 Potato Peeler, Stainless Steel, with Peel Collection Filter (Metalúrgica Skymsen Ltda.), the potato peeler that can process a batch of potatoes in less than 2 minutes in a safe and eco-friendly way; S series S50E Icon (Moretti Forni S.p.A.), the counter oven that can fit in just one square meter all the multi-functions of a similar product of the latest generation; Remind recycled grey, the chair by Pedrali S.p.A. created entirely from recycled polypropylene.

SMART LABEL awards: all the trends of tomorrow

Touchless technologies. Use of materials designed to last over time and easily sanitised, intuitive user interfaces and a high level of customisation. These are just some of the trends shared by the 15 winners of the SMART Label awards, independently of the different segments to which they belong: Hydrogate Interaction (Blupura Srl); Zero (Dalla Corte); Mychef iCook 6gn 1/1 (Distform | Mychef); Prometheus Interaction (Conti Valerio Srl); EV3 200 Web Interaction (Evco S.p.A.); Gaggia Milano La Solare (Evoca S.p.A.); AllGround (Fiorenzato Mc Srl); e-Q electronic pot-filler (Gebr. Echtermann GmbH & Co. Kg); TheProbe (Italynnova S.r.l.); i.ScoopShower Unlimited Silver Waterstop Spray rinsing device for ice-cream scoops (Add-on version) (Loelsberg – Inh. Bernd Lölsberg); Bottle washing system (Meiko Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. Kg); iQ 640 Fes Carrousel Model (QualitFry s.l.); iCombi Pro (Rational Italia Srl); Tattoo Mule (Rcr Cristalleria Italiana); VitoConnect (Vito Ag).

Host 2021, an event in person and in full safety

Over 1100 exhibitors, 40% of them from 40 different countries. The 2021 edition of HostMilano confirms to be the ideal marketplace where to meet all the most important businesses in the professional hospitality sector both Italian and foreigner. For everyone, it will be an opportunity to take a closer look at the new products and to meet in person after such a long time, enjoying the presence of the hosted buyers (about 600 to date) expected in Milan thanks to the continuous support of the ICE/ITA Agency, in addition to those who will join from the Rho Expo thanks to the many partnerships organised with some of the major international associations in the sector.

There will also be the chance to take advantage of the simultaneity with TUTTOFOOD, the leading event within the agri-food ecosystem, which makes it possible to exploit the existing synergies between two highly complementary sectors such as the agri-food and hospitality. MEAT-TECH, the event dedicated to technologies for meat processing and ready meals, will also be held on the same dates to broaden the audience of potential buyers. In addition to all this, there is the mymatching platform, a virtual addition that will allow to have open agendas and booked appointments with the chosen exhibitors acting as an additional networking tool.

Not to mention the fact that exhibitors and visitors will benefit from the safety protocols already tested last September, which include the numerous structural interventions completed at the expo centre.

Tickets for the event can be purchased online at and also give access to TUTTOFOOD and MEAT-TECH. It will be possible to access the fairgrounds directly with the pre-sale receipt with QR Code received by e-mail (the pre-sale service will be active until the last day of the event).

For more information, @hostmilano

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