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Robert Wilson’s exhibition dedicated to the illy Art Collection is extended

VENICE, Italy – With an average attendance of about 800 people per day, Robert Wilson’s exhibition called, “THE DISH RAN AWAY WITH THE SPOON everything you can think of is true”, dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the illy Art Collection, will be extended until September 10th. Launched on May 10th in ...

Coffee humour you don’t want to miss: 50 hilarious coffee memes

Nathalie White, outreach coordinator for the website “Coffee in my veins” has gathered and published a collection of 50 hilarious coffee memes that any coffee addict will immediately find familiar ...

Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System official sponsor of Vasco Rossi’s concert

MODENA, Italy – Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System is official sponsor of the famous Italian singer Vasco Rossi’s concert taking place in Modena on the 1st of July.

Coffee aphorism: “Lord, give me coffee to change the things that I can …”

Lord, give me coffee to change the things I can change and wine to accept the things I can't.

Exhibition looks into history of coffee through Italian espresso machines

SEOUL, South Korea – It has been less than 150 years since coffee was introduced in Korea. The exact date is unknown, but it is well known that the Joseon Kingdom's (1392-1910) last king, Emperor Gojong, was a big ...

La Marzocco presents Origin Exhibit at Re;Co Symposium in Budapest

SCARPERIA, Italy – La Marzocco joins the specialty coffee industry in Budapest, for the Re;Co Symposium, bringing a vibrant look at origin to the new Re:co Interactive program. The Re;co Symposium - focused on discussions, workshops, and sensory explorations - is taking place in Budapest from Monday through Thursday as follows ...

Dalla Corte at WOC: Have an amazing coffee experience and fly to Seoul!

BUDAPEST –"Designed for a better coffee experience" is the slogan Dalla Corte is using for the World of Coffee exhibition in Budapest (Hungary) to be held from June 13th to June 15th. A dynamic Dalla Corte team will welcome visitors with the help of the outstanding efficient, aesthetic, and practical espresso machines much appreciated by ...

illycaffè celebrates anniversary of its Art Collections with a special edition

VENICE, Italy – illycaffè celebrates the 25th anniversary of its illy Art Collections, the exclusive series of cups that it has been issuing since 1992 in cooperation with well-known international contemporary artists, including icons such as Marina Abramović, Robert Rauschenberg, Jeff Koons, Julian Schnabel, Anish Kapoor and Daniel Buren.

Talented barista creates miniature masterpieces inside cups of coffee

SEOUL, South Korea – A young barista is adding flair to the average latte by creating miniature masterpieces within the parameters of a coffee cup. Kangbin Lee is one of the talented coffee artists expanding the latte art scene in Korea as the trend grows in popularity.

Lavazza announces collaboration with the Peggy Guggenheim Collection

VENICE, Italy –Lavazza has taken another major step in its ongoing commitment to helping promote the arts and culture around the world with the announcement of a multi-year collaboration with the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice. The strategic alliance comes on the heels of the launch of “Visionaries: Creating a Modern Guggenheim”.