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Announcing the new Gruppo Gimoka

A new governance to support and strengthen the Valtellina-based coffee roaster’s on-going growth process

The result of the merger in November 2015 of Gimoka Srl and Espresso Italia Srl, the Gruppo Gimoka reflects the new structure of the Valtellina-based company controlled by the Padelli family.

This new corporate framework, brought by a management team that has worked side by side with the new generation for the last two years, will support the company’s strategies, its logistic and industrial organization, and brand management.


By combining tangible and intangible assets and businesses that are complementary to each other, the new Group will strengthen market opportunities both for its own brand portfolio and for the private label service traditionally offered by the company.

The Gruppo Gimoka is a successful enterprise founded in the early 1980s by Ivan Padelli and grown, thanks to his insight, into the third largest Italian coffee roaster in terms of volumes of toasted coffee.

The core business is coffee whether ground, in beans or packaged in single doses.

The Group controls the entire value chain: from the procurement of raw material to roasting and grinding (the most critical steps of the process), to packaging and capsule wrapping.

Thanks to the expertise it has gained over the years and to significant investments constantly made in its industrial and distribution facilities, Gruppo Gimoka operates through the professional channel (Ho.Re.Ca. and Vending) and the home channel, with its own brands as well as with Italian and international private labels.

The Group’s evolution reflects Gimoka’s natural inclination to interpret the challenges of a constantly changing market through an on-going review of its strategies and of the resulting organizational structures, with the aim to identify and seize opportunities as they present themselves.

The new corporate configuration confirms and expands the mission that has always oriented Gimoka’s business choices: to seek synergies and industrial optimization that will ensure a flexible structure regardless of volumes and channels; to meet the most diverse needs; to develop the best coffee blends, and to reduce the time-to-market of the many international projects that are currently being completed.

Gimoka also develops and designs capsule system coffee machines for the home and office channel, confirming the company’s dynamic, innovative spirit and attention to new market trends.

In commenting on the new company structure, Ivan Padelli, President of Gruppo Gimoka, noted: “The merger will allow us to achieve higher investments levels, for the benefit of both the industrial structure and the phase of international expansion and growth, which has seen a significant acceleration in recent years.”

Reporting to Massimo Faravelli, the Group’s CEO, a team of senior managers will be leading the different business areas: Industrial, Logistics and Procurement, Process Quality Control, Blends Research and Development, and Sales.

“My work with the Gimoka Group will continue a process that has already started,” said Mr Faravelli, “namely, the managerial evolution that has inspired all our choices in the last two years: rationalization of forces and organization of skills, maintenance and improvement of product and process quality, focus on research and development, and insourcing.

The goal is to build the foundations for strong business growth: the means that has allowed us to become a Group will always be the end of all our entrepreneurial and managerial actions.”

Paolo Torri, Sales & Marketing Director, is responsible for the three business areas, in turn coordinated by professionals with a strong background of experience and expertise in their respective markets: Angelo Vezzoli for Ho.Re.Ca., Andrea Sandini for Vending, Giorgio Gurrera for the large retail sector, and Giovanni Leoni for Business Development.

A dedicated department has been set up to effectively support customers in their Private Label projects. A great deal of attention and development will be given to foreign markets, thanks to the appointment of Michele Labaa as Export Manager.

With regard to marketing, in the last few years the company has started a major process for the renewal of its product range, which has resulted in changes to most of the blends offered in the past. This is confirmed by the introduction on the market of new references for the single-dose line, for the modern channel, and for the Ho.Re.Ca and Vending segments.

A major step in this new process is the strategic brand positioning activity that the Gimoka Group has undertaken over the past two years. Starting from the history of each brand, the intent was to strengthen their respective distinctive features, with the aim to enhance their value and appeal through restyling projects that visually convey the new concept.

The Gimoka Group’s brand portfolio includes:
• Gimoka: a historically known brand name, sold through both the Home and the Out-of-home channel. The new tagline “Coffee Instinct” has been created to communicate the passion that drives the brand’s dynamics.
• Galleria CaffèSi, a historical Milanese brand of excellence in coffee making, founded in the 1970s. It caters exclusively to the Ho.Re.Ca channel.
• Gran Caffè Garibaldi: a brand name with its own specific history, by becoming part of the Gimoka Group Gran Caffè Garibaldi will recover its past national and international success. At Host 2015, it will present a renewed and expanded range of blends for the professional channel.
• Espresso Italia: an international standard setter for single-dose coffee and innovative solutions for capsule system coffee machines.

About Gimoka Group

The Gimoka Group is an Italian coffee manufacturer. Founded by Ivan Padelli in the 1980s, the company boasts extensive expertise in the world of coffee, whether in beans, ground or packaged in single doses.