Saturday 25 June 2022

Angola: Coffee harvest surpasses expectation in Assango commune

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At least 700 tons of cherry coffee of 500 tons expected, were harvested in the present agricultural season, in Assango commune, municipality of Amboim, coastal Cuanza Sul province, Angola.

Speaking to Angop Thursday, the head of agriculture sector in Assango, Lucas Sacalando, said that the 700 tons harvested represent the engagement of the peasant families in re-launching the coffee production in the region.

The 2071 peasants, organized in 40 associations and five cooperatives, were involved in the coffee campaign.

The activity was developed in a cultivation area of 1,990 hectares.

The official said that the demand for coffee is higher, and at the beginning of August 195.000kg of coconut coffee were sold at 130 kwanzas per kg.

He regretted the poor condition of the roads and the lack of credit to the peasants for the coffee campaign.


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