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Here is the homemade egg and coffee mask to firm sagging skin naturally

sagging skin coffee ground

MILAN — Sagging skin It is a normal phenomenon that comes with the passage of time and although it can occur in various parts of the body, the face is one of the most worrisome as it is the letter of introduction of our beauty. The good news is that the homemade egg and coffee mask and it will be a great ally, as explained in this guide from explica.co.

The egg and coffee are the main ingredients of this mask, we had already mentioned them in other recipes of masks and home remedies. The coffee ground is a natural exfoliant that stimulates cell renewal, also performs deep cleansing, rich in antioxidants and also serves as an anti-inflammatory.

For his part, egg, it helps to strengthen the skin giving firmness, it also helps to clean the pores deeply and also, it reduces inflammation, so you will notice fewer bags in your eyes.

How to prepare the homemade egg and coffee mask to combat sagging skin?

This egg and coffee mask It is very easy to use but due to its exfoliating function, it is recommended to use it a few times a week, this is the recipe you should follow:


  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 teaspoon of ground coffee


Mix both ingredients in a bowl. Since they are well integrated, prepare your skin, for this you must wash it and once it is clean, place a towel moistened in warm water for a few minutes to help your pores open.

Now apply the egg and coffee mask on your face with circular movements or with the help of a facial brush if it was very liquid. Let it act for 20 minutes and remove with warm water. Finally dry your face and apply your moisturizing cream.

Use this homemade face mask once or twice a week at the most to improve the condition of your skin, in a short time you will notice it free of impurities, unwanted shine and firmer due to the nutrients that the egg and coffee.