Tuesday 04 October 2022

Amcor: five coffee trends topping the agenda at HostMilano 2017

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MILAN – Giorgio Dini, Amcor’s Marketing Manager Coffee, offers his take on some of the coffee-related talking points from HostMilano 2017 – an event celebrating the latest innovations in hospitality.

1. Print differentiation is king in a crowded marketplace

When it comes to packaging, coffee brands are shedding their conservative and risk-averse image and embracing the potential of differentiation through printing effects. As well as helping brands stand out on the supermarket shelf and distinguish themselves from competitors, these effects also allow them to distinguish products within their own ranges. To this end, growing numbers are embracing print effects that resemble paper to drive home the organic or Fairtrade nature of a specific product or line. And there’s no doubt that natural-feel paper touch lacquer, which we offer with our AmPaper range, will become increasingly popular in the months ahead.

2. Sustainability continues to be a top priority in the capsules segment

Sustainable single-serve capsules top the agenda for many, with the compostable capsule one of the innovative developments of recent times. There’s also increasing demand for higher barrier solutions; naturally the next development in this area will be high barrier compostable capsules, so watch this space…

3. Instant coffee premiumisation is gathering pace

Previously, instant may have been seen as a low-to-medium end product, but brands are now looking to debunk this perception and boost the segment’s premium appeal. How are they doing this? By integrating features traditionally associated with fresh coffee into instant products. These include the use of micro-granulated blends to replicate the aroma and taste of fresh coffee, and a new wave of café-inspired instant blends (such as mocha and coconut latte) that mimic what’s on offer in today’s coffee shops.

4. Keep an eye on the Scandinavian coffee market…

The Scandinavian roasting scene is one of the most advanced in the world, with the majority of roasters committed to abandoning the use of aluminium and metallisation in packaging. The next step for this group of forward-thinking roasters will be recycle-ready, high barrier solutions – something that Amcor is also fully committed to with its AmLite range.

5. More coffee brands are looking for greater flexibility with filling machines

Filling machines capable of switching seamlessly between different capsules formats are becoming increasingly popular, and the machinery suppliers that can offer such flexibility will be those guaranteed to gain an advantage on their competitors.

If you want to learn more about our coffee innovations, take a look at Vento Packaging, a revolutionary packaging system that was awarded a gold DuPont Packaging Awards in the categories of Technological Advancement and Responsible Packaging in 2017.

Giorgio Dini

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