Monday 08 August 2022

Alessio Pezzoni, ceo Elektra: «Host 2019 opens a new chapter in our history»

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MILAN, Italy – It is a dynamic period at Elektra Headquarters. Host 2019 was a starting point for the renewing corporate structure of the company. The entire team, guided by the new CEO, is defining a company strategy focused on the launch of a new product.

We met Alessio Pezzoni, new Elektra CEO, at HOSTMILANO booth, who told us his point of view about this fair.

“The experience gained through the years gave me a clear vision of Elektra’s future. Elektra is a company with a huge potential and its history makes it unique.
We closed Host with a big satisfaction both for the values that we communicate and for the great interest shown in the new product showcased.”

A news: the Verve. Could you explain it?

“The Verve was born from a precise ambition: to offer the possibility to combine professional performance with the highest brewing quality and a compact refined design.
Coffee shops, homes, offices and even on tour. Elektra Verve can be used everywhere thanks to its extreme versatility.

The Verve is a one group coffee machine with professional features and a dual boiler technology. You can choose to connect it directly to the main water supply or to the provided tank, which comes with an integrated softener.

In addition, its five-litre capacity guarantees excellent steam performance.
Another Elektra Verve unique function is the possibility to adjust the settings both of the brewing temperature and of the pre-infusion times via smart phone.

As a matter of fact, this model communicates with the user’s device by means of a dedicated Wi-Fi channel which allows the settings to be controlled through an app.

Elektra proves that is possible to combine design and tradition with the most advanced technology.

The wood details

We choose refined material only, from the steel to the wood used for the finishing. The machine satisfy all the highest footprint standard of solidity, quality and reliability furthermore, there are many custom parts as panels, portafilters and all the wood inserts.

How can we buy the Elektra Verve?

“Elektra has a global distribution network that is growing more and more to satisfy the market needs. We got a really positive feedback and the first orders will be fulfilled during the next months, starting from January 2020.”

How much is the Verve?

“The list price will be under 3000 euro. We define this machine a crossover for its features that are fitting both the domestic sector and the low consumption activities focused on quality.”

Did you get any particular comments regarding the Verve?

“Many people, baristas and professionals from all over the world congratulated us for the product. We come back from the exhibition with the acknowledgement to have done a good job.”

Would you like to provide us with an overview of other Elektra Products?

“Our range of products targets a medium-high market position and our benchmark items are long-established.
Firstly, the INDIE that marked a technological turning point in Elektra, secondly the timeless Barlume that represents an important piece of Elektra’s history, thirdly our workhorse KUP, fourthly the compact SIXTIES and last but not least we have the BELLE EPOQUE, a unique and historical machine that remains our most photographed product at trade fairs.”

Tell us about any future projects we should look out for?

“Elektra is shedding its skin. Besides management changes there will be also some interventions on the range and on the company strategy. There are future projects that you will appreciate for sure…”

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