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Alessandro Galtieri is the Italian testimonial in China for Nestlé′s Golden Master Series

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MILAN – It seems that the attention of large international groups towards the Specialty Coffee sector is actually high. In Italy, few days ago, we had a press preview of the official Lavazza’s entry into the Specialty Coffee field, with a stunning project dedicated to Coffee Lover: 1895 by Lavazza. Specialty Coffees of the highest quality and customer service of the highest level. So it can be expected that high-profile coffees, with interesting organoleptic notes and all the systems for extraction to perfection, will be of great relevance for next business.

It seems that large companies are now aimed at a segment of the public that has so far been neglected by commercial offers, and which seems extremely receptive.

A hot news is about Nestlé group, in a country like China, in which the consumption of coffee is progressively affirming itself, today makes a choice of quality, and creates a high-profile line called Golden Master Series.

A Top line totally inspired by great Champions of the Specialty, which through the nuances of taste of coffee, creates interesting and evocative organoleptic experiences.

Golden Master Series, a line of Drip Bag Coffee

It is a line of Drip Bag Coffee, an exceptionally practical and refined system for extracting quality brewing coffee, with three different nuances of taste and interpretation, each entrusted to an iconic figure of the SCA WCE international circuit who contributed to the identification of the coffee profile representative of their culture.

A Top line inspired by three great specialty coffee champions

The Chinese World Champion Du Janing, had the task to create an own reference and also to give life to the taste profiles identified by: Kaapo Paavolainen for the Nordic style, Alessandro Galtieri for the Italian style.

Alessandro Galtieri is the Italian Testimonial

Alessandro Galtieri Italian champion 2018 and 2019 Brewers Cup and third place at the Boston World Championships in 2019 is the figure chosen by Nestlé to represent Italian excellence, and to conceive the taste profile that could contain roundness of taste and passion, which has always been associated with our country but … in a Brewing extraction.

And this is the absolute news: we are not talking about espresso, but Brewing.

We of Comunicaffè International, asked Alessandro Galtieri to tell us more

The Italian Testimonial Alessandro Galtieri

“I am really happy and flattered to represent in a Brewing System a high profile and quality Italian style in a country like China, which appreciates our culture and our flavours so much,” Galtieri states “ China is a nation where the consumption of coffee is growing exponentially, creating a huge market but also positively connected to quality and taste experience.”

Galtieri tells other details: “The project was absolutely intriguing, and I was enthusiast to be part of it. I had the pleasure to work with two great Champions involved, as the amazing Du Janing, the 2019 Brewing World Champion, who created a sophisticated reference, inspired by the typical Oriental fermentations complex notes. And Kaapo Pavolainen 2020 the talented Finnish Barista Champion, who inspired a Drip Bag with clean and pure notes recalling the Nordic style.

Du Jianing and Kaapo Pavolainen

“We were also the protagonists of a mini film made by Nestlé, which illustrates the procedures for creating tasteful fragrances, by Du Janing, who made the entire coffee sourcing based on the indications received from Kaapo and me: the film had 30 million views in the very first days of online diffusion. ”

The Golden Master Series line

“The Drip Bag system – continues Galtieri – is not well known in Italy and so I had to explain to the Italian readers that it consists of a sachet that also acts as a filter and can be placed directly on the cup.

It already contains the predetermined dose of coffee required, freshly ground and sealed to preserve its notes, and the filter coffee is extracted by pouring 150 g. of water at 90 ° C.

“The sachet of Nescafe Golden Series can be easily taken with you to the office, or to the library, and guarantee a truly amazing extraction. This makes the approach of the customer to a really high quality Brewed coffee, absolutely easy”.

The sachet of Nescafe Golden Series

Galtieri says – “As a professional brewer I was truly pleasantly surprised by the fragrance and refinement of the products, extremely far from any type of experience hitherto offered by pre-dosed products. We are talking about products that are positioned at a very high level to be intended for a Coffee Lover audience, and not for professionals.

I want to thank Du Janing, because the notes of my the Italian fragrance are passionate, round, chocolaty and full bodied. And this is the best interpretation ever of my philosophy of Italian style: completely far away from bitterness and too roasted. Only low quality coffee needs to be over roasted.”

Galtieri underlines – “ I think that Golden Master Series will erase some preconceptions about pre-packaged products, and to demonstrate that true quality always makes the difference, and that it can be a daily pleasure.”

The Italian coffee culture is a reference for Chinese consumers

Galtieri reveals to us – “The Italian fragrance I represent is actually highly appreciated, testifying to how much Italian culture and his iconic role in the world of coffee is recognised.

As Italian Barista and Brewer I think we have the duty to bring all the best of our know-how, our skills and best quality from Italy.”


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