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Albron strengthens its concept portfolio with the acquisition of Coffeecompany from Jde Peet’s

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – Albron has expressed its intention to acquire the Coffeecompany chain from JDE Peet’s taking effect from July 2021 subject to limited pre-closing conditions. In doing so, Albron will strengthen its concept portfolio and its presence at high-traffic locations. The acquisition is part of a broader ambition to expand as a foodservice organisation to guide the market.

Coffeecompany was founded in 1996 as a specialist coffee chain in Amsterdam. Following rapid growth in terms of locations, JDE Peet’s acquired the chain at the end of 2011.

Nowadays, Coffeecompany operates its own roastery in Amsterdam and 31 branches in cities including Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Groningen, Leiden, Rotterdam and Delft. Each with its unique place in the neighbourhood. Coffeecompany operates 24 of these locations under its own management and 7 under a franchise license.

In March 2021, Albron, opened its inaugural Coffeecompany as licensee in Mall of the Netherlands in Leidschendam. This pleasant initial cooperation resulted in talks about an acquisition.

Stronger presence at high traffic locations

The intended acquisition is in line with Albron’s new course of action, aimed at further growth. The national coverage of Coffeecompany will give Albron an even stronger presence at high-traffic locations.

Albron has been growing rapidly since 2016 in shopping centres and city centres, for example, with its own concepts and street brands such as Anne&Max and Le Perron.

With the addition of Coffeecompany, Albron will further expand its concept portfolio strategically. Within Albron, Coffeecompany will continue to operate under its own brand name and identity. Albron will take over all Coffeecompany employees and will also continue the franchise activities within Coffeecompany.

Albron plans another 18 Coffeecompany branches

Jan Willem Hilbron, Chief Commercial and Operating Officer at Albron: “Coffeecompany has been a recognisable Dutch coffee concept in city streets for 25 years and has many loyal customers. A coffee concept is often the cornerstone in building a location cluster. That is why this chain is a valuable addition to our portfolio. In addition, the connection with the organisation is very good. We plan to open another 18 Coffeecompany outlets by 2025”.

About Albron

Albron is a Dutch foodservice organisation with a history spanning over a century. Every day, Albron conceives, builds and runs food concepts with a story. At over 700 locations where people study, work, travel, shop, celebrate their leisure time or receive care, we add atmosphere and taste with food and drinks.

With tens of thousands of guests each day, Albron feels its responsibility and has influence. That’s why we lead the way and like to guide the industry. In everything we do, we want everyone to benefit. Our guests, our customers, our partners, our employees and the world around us.

The ambition is to have 250,000 guests enjoying delicious, healthy, sustainable and affordable food and drinks every day by 2025.

About Coffeecompany

Since 1996, Coffeecompany has been bringing the coffee industry to life by showing people that coffee can be so much more than just coffee. For our customers in the variety of flavours and experiences. For baristas in the pleasure and satisfaction of making and serving it. For coffee producers in respect and appreciation for their product. In an accessible way, reaching a wider audience without compromising on quality and personality in order to provide the authentic coffee house experience.