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Alberto Vacchi (IMA Group) on Covid-19 pandemic: «Employees are our quality masters»

ima group
Alberto Vacchi, IMA's Chairman and CEO

OZZANO DELL’EMILIA, Italy – Alberto Vacchi – Chairman and CEO of IMA Group – issued on Friday the following update on the company’s activities at this emergency stage due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Since we have projects of common interest, I believe it my duty to periodically inform you about the progress of IMA so that your activities can proceed according to your production planning.

As I already mentioned in my previous statement, the IMA Group is operative. In fact, we are part of those industry categories that, according to the Authorities in Italy, are essential to keep on supporting the Food and the Pharmaceutical supply chain.

Nevertheless, the proper functioning of the Company requires strong internal synergies with the world of labour.

The employees are our quality masters and to operate at best a safe and clear collaborative environment is essential. In this regard, I am glad to inform you that IMA has just concluded an important trade union agreement to provide all our employees with job and economic guarantees.

All of this, I affirm, in full compliance with those regulations aimed at guaranteeing the health and safety of everyone.Therefore, IMA is running regularly and ready to meet your needs.

I confirm our full operations to develop and carry out joint projects. As always, you will find us responsive and full of enthusiasm.

In conclusion, and with a touch of pride, I would like to underline our effort to maintain our values such as reliability and professionalism that have always characterized us and that, today, are even more necessary to deal with this delicate and painful moment that affects us globally.

The Chairman
Alberto Vacchi