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Accademia del Caffè Espresso launches Liaison Cupping in connection with origins

Liaison Cupping

PIAN DI SAN BARTOLO, Florence, Italy – Accademia del Caffè Espresso, La Marzocco’s cultural hub for coffee research and culture, has recently launched Liaison Cupping – a series of virtual cuppings in direct connection with origins.

Shrinking the distance between producers and consumers has always been one of Accademia’s main goal and Liaison Cuppings are a means to this end.

Liaison Cuppings are a tool to this end. A series of presentations of regional and specialty coffees, that aim at reinforcing the knowledge on the first steps of the coffee supply chain – those related to origins, plantations, processing methods and new varieties.

Each episode revolves around a specific producing country, which is presented by the representatives of the national associations for coffee protection. The focus of the event is the cupping itself, done remotely and live, so that partecipants can share ideas and opinions, as they are standing and cupping around the same table.

The first two episodes had their focus on Guatemala and Honduras regional coffees, that have been presented by Anacafé and Ihcafé.

The next appointment with Liaison Cupping is scheduled for July 7th at 4.30pm CEST and focuses on the eight Costa Rican regional coffees, explained by ICAFE.

The event is open upon registration and with the subscription, partecipants will receive a package containing samples of the eight coffees together with the cupping instructions. You can register here.