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About 1,000 people took part to the 3rd Coffee Race and Walk in Campinas

Coffee Race

SÃO PAULO, Brazil – The 3rd Coffee Race and Walk saw about 1,000 people gather on Sunday (5) at Santa Elisa farm in Campinas, São Paulo. Hosted by the Jerusalem Institute and co-hosted by the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, the event also featured cultural activities, including Arab dance performances.

Coffee Race creator and Jerusalem Institute superintendent Ali El-Khatib said 411 people registered for the race.


The Campinas Coffee Festival, which features Arab and Palestinian music concerts, organized the event.

Santa Elisa is home to the main experimental center of the Campinas Agronomic Institute (IAC).

The athletes ran and walked through coffee plantations and a historic bamboo field. After finishing the race, they enjoyed coffee in edible cups. One of the event’s goals was to showcase the IAC’s work for the development of coffee farming.