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A T3 lesson with David Schomer

David Schomer, owner of Espresso Vivace in Seattle, Washington for Nuova Simonelli

A tireless researcher and teacher, David Schomer is an endless source of information and advice on every variety of coffee. After opening ‘Espresso Vivace’ in 1988 in Seattle, Schomer has traveled the world in search of milder Arabica to roast in the Italian style.

T3 technology developed by Nuova Simonelli, was created precisely to give the coffee machine the technical instrument that offers the barista the opportunity to conserve all the aromas and flavors typical of that particular bean in the extracted coffee.

Here are extracts from an interview that David Schomer released talking about the T3 system applied first in the Aurelia II espresso machine from Nuova Simonelli.

What aromas does T3 technology allow in espresso?
Those that are contained in the type of coffee used. With the system T3, in fact, you immediately reach the correct temperature and this allows the fragrance of the coffee to be retained. The result is a much more intense aroma.

What gives the T3 this advantage?
Nuova Simonelli has been able to identify the right stainless steel surfaces, because brass can make the coffee taste rancid. With the T3 system, and therefore with the temperature stability, there is a beautiful variety of flavors and greater sweetness.

Why the temperature is so stable?
There must be the right amount of brass in the group header. This means that the hot water gets huge thermal inertia. It arrives at the temperature more quickly and keeps it for the whole preparation cycle, regardless of the volume served. This avoids the loss of heat when the water reaches the espresso.

What has been your experience with the design team of Nuova Simonelli?
I could not be happier. They were extremely responsive to my requests. There was a ‘news storm’ throughout the industry, but I am convinced that the T3 system was the best innovation. T3 technology reliability is outstanding.