Friday 02 December 2022

Nine illustrations for the 9 finalist countries of the 7th Ernesto Illy Intl Coffee Award

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TRIESTE, Italy — Using art to convey the values underpinning coffee production and coffee-growing countries: this is the goal of the project promoted by illycaffè, which has entrusted 9 internationally-renowned artists to create a poster for each of the 9 finalist countries of the 7th Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award.

Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Nicaragua and Rwanda are the nine finalists for this year’s Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award, dedicated to the visionary leader of illycaffè – the son of the company’s founder and a pioneer in virtuous collaboration with farmers to produce high-quality sustainable coffee.

Each country will constitute a stop along an artistic journey in which nine artists created posters that symbolize the color palette of each country and recall the aromas of their coffee.

Brazil will be depicted by Gio Pastori, the Milanese artist renowned for his vivacious collages brimming with an unbridled joy for life, while the pastel tones of the English illustrator Miles Tewson will paint a portrait of Costa Rica.

El Salvador is represented by the joyous touch of the Nantes-based Odile Ferraille, while Ethiopia’s enchanting landscapes come to life with the restricted and carefully selected palette of the French illustrator Beya Rebaï. Guatemala is reflected in the dreamscapes of the artist Victoria Semykina, while the French duo Sacrée Frangine, made up of Célia Amroune and Aline Kpade, produced a dreamlike, minimalistic image of Honduras and its caramel-scented coffee.

The brilliant crimson tones of the French motion designer Manon Louart pay tribute to the charm of India through a meditative and relaxing mood.

The bold color and images of Petra Eriksson, a Stockholm-born illustrator based in Barcelona, delineate the face of Nicaragua. Finally, the London-based artist Maria-Ines Gul and her intuitive touch help us discover Rwanda, at the heart of Africa.

Starting on November 14, the nine artists’ posters depicting the essence of the nine finalists of the Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award 2022 will be unveiled on the Instagram accounts of their respective artists and on illycaffè’s social media, a rich and varied portrayal of how different atmospheres, cultures and flavors can be interpreted and celebrated through art and beauty.

Countries and artists:

Brazil: Gio Pastori @giopastori
Costa Rica: Miles Tewson @miles_tewson
El Salvador: Odile Ferraille @odileferraille
Ethiopia: Beya Rebaï @beya_rebai
Guatemala: Victoria Semykina @victoria_semykina
Honduras: Sacrée Frangine @sacree_frangine
India: Manon Louart @manonlouart
Nicaragua: Petra Eriksson @petraerikssonstudio
Rwanda: Maria-Ines Gul @mariainesgul/

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