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​Löfbergs starts using recycled PET bottles for its Caffeine Water

KARLSTAD, Sweden — The coffee roaster Löfbergs starts using recycled PET in its bottles for Caffeine Water as a part of the company’s efforts to only use recycled or renewable material in its packages by 2030.

– That we and others increase the demand for recycled PET is a requirement for a sustainable cycle of plastics, where plastics from renewable raw material as well as recycled plastic material are included, says Madelen Breiling, Development Manager at Löfbergs.

Löfbergs Caffeine Water is a lightly carbonated energy beverage made of spring water, caffeine and natural fruit extracts. No added sugar or unnecessary additives. Each bottle contains 150 mg natural caffeine, which corresponds to two cups of coffee.

Will not wait

Using recycled PET is in line with the proposal to the new EU directive that aims at decreasing the use of plastics. The proposal contains a legal requirement that PET bottles should consist of at least 25 percent recycled content as from 2025, calculated as an average for the member country.

– We will not wait, but convert to 25 percent recycled PET now. The ambition is to continuously increase the share in the future, says Madelene Breiling.

Phasing out fossil plastics

Recycled PET is the latest example of Löfbergs’s efforts to develop climate-smarter packaging. About 25 years ago, Löfbergs was first in Europe with aluminium-free coffee packages, and Löfbergs introduced ice coffee in recyclable carton packages in 2015.

Earlier this year, Löfbergs received a lot of attention when the company informed that it had started phasing out the fossil plastics in in its coffee packages.

– By replacing some of the fossil plastics with a plant-based alternative, we are decreasing the climate impact of the packaging by approximately 30 percent as a first step, says Madelene Breiling.